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Open Thermal: Sun 2nd Oct 2016

A cold morning with a blustery SSE wind with occasional gusts. 7 turned out to fly but Bills model wouldn't power up so he had to pull out, (looked a like a faulty lipo regulator). Lift was very difficult to find and only occasionally were flyers able to stay in it. What looked like wave lift was occurring occasionally at the SE corner of the field, but it was a very narrow band and fickle. After 3 rounds of 8 mins pluss landing bonus, the scores were:


A VERYclose finish between Andrew & Keith, with Keith just edging it

This concludes our thermal flying at Mallusk for 2016. There will be a round of electric at the Aerotow event at Causeway Coast Club next Sunday (9/10/16)
 and we hope to run a Winter Electric Series.

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100S Cup: Sun 4th Sept 2016

The second of NIMSA's 2 100S events. First order of business was to complete the fly off from the previous event. This was a close run affair and the results are below,


Andrew Wallace takes the win by a samll margin to be Boyce winner for 2016

8 pilots contested the 100S Cup . This was a straight 3 rounds, no discards and landing bonuses followed by top 2 in a 2 round 2 man fly off.
Lift was elusive and some made it others didn't. Wayne had the misfortune of his wing slipping off the wing joiner on launch, causing some damge, but it will be repaired. After 3 rounds, the results were:


Sam and Andrew went forward in to the fly off, which again was avery close run affair with Andrew just edging Sam out to win and pick up BOTH 100S trophies
in 2016



Sam "congratulating" Andrew on his win !

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100S Boyce Cup: Sun 28th Aug 2016

A good turnout of 7 pilots for this first 100S competition of the year. Forecast wasn't too bad, but there was some rain forecast for early to mid afternoon. CD announced that he intended to try to run 5 rounds of 8 minute flights with landing bonus, but that if the weather looked like it was deteriorating this would be dropped to 4 rounds, which would still allow 1 discard. This would be followed by the top 2 taking part in a further 2 rounds for the trophy. In the end we only managed the four rounds as the cloud was rolling in quickly. |After 4 rounds the positions were:


Tommy & Andrew were to go through to the fly off, but with the weather deteriorating and Tommy needing to get away, the decisioon was taken to call it a day and run the fly off at the next event prior to that days competition.

1 2
3  43
5  6
7  8

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Inaugural Area E-Soaring Championship: Sun 14th Aug 2016

This was the inaugural E-Soaring Championship for a trophy presented by the Boyd family in honour of their late father, Reggie.
Reggie flew with NIMSA on occasion and even when he'd stopped glider flying, still came along with Richard for the craic and slegging which is a staple of NIMSA events!
 I think he'd have been very pleased with the turn out and level of competition today.

11 pilots turned out to contest this event. The original plan was for 7 rounds, allowing 2 discards, then the too two to take part in a two round fly off. However, wiwth the number of flyers, it was taking too long to get through each round, so at the end of round 2 the event was reduced to 5 rounds, (1 discard). All 11 pilots completed all 5 rounds.
Competiton was 8 minute flights with a landing within a 15m radius circle for an additional 25 points. Launch limited to 150m/ 30 secs whichever cae first controlled by height limiter switches.Richard had isues in Rd 1 losing his Radian in the trees to signal loss (reason unknown). The model was recovered but unflyable for the rest of the event. Andrew kindly leant him his Radian as he was flying his e-oculus. The rest of the models were: Sam - Radian; Tommy - Inside F5j; Bill, Wayne & Bob - Radian Pro; Keith - Supra Ultralight; Kieran - Mystique; Paul - Highlight 2m; Ronnie - Phoenix 200/Radian Hybrid. A good mix of foam, built up and composites!

Lift was difficult to find and even harder to stay in when found. There were occasional indicators eg birds, air backfilling etc, but on the whole the sky was very difficult to read and no one really got the upper hand. After 5 rounds the scores at the top were very close:

es rounds

The two contesting the fly off were Sam & Keith (pictured below)

fly off pair

Again the fly off was to be contested over 2 rounds of 8 minutes plus landing bonuses.  Sam was working lift and climbing away, but after a relatively short while fell out of the lift and had to set up for his landing. Keith meanwhile was working hard to maintain height and on several occasions looked like khe too would have to head for the spot, but he persevered and won the slot by a good margin to lead going in to the second round
Keith had a slight isue and was a little later than Sam launching in Rd2, and didn't seem to have launched in to good air. Sam was again working hard for his flight time. He won the slot, but not by enough of a margin to make up for his losses in Rd 1

fly off

Keith's name becomes the first on this new trophy.

wskw  kw

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Area Open Thermal Soaring Championship: Sun 31st July 2016

Due to the poor weather we've had so far this year, this was only the third event we've managed to run in 2016! The forecast was getting poorer as the day progressed, so club chairman Bill Scott asked if people could arrive earlier so we could get set up and going by 10am. Everyone must have been suffering withdrawal as almost everyone was there ahead of time!

Conditions were cool, light winds (6 - 10mph WSW), with some rather grim looking clouds in the distance. 10 pilots turned out (2 flying electric, so ineligible for the Area Trophy). Models raged from basic 2 channel rudder/elevatr to 3 channel with the addition of spoilers and topped off with state of the art fully moulded 6 channel models. CD Wayne Lavery briefed that he intended to run 5 rounds of 8 minutes and then the top 2 pilots to go forward to a 2 round fly off, but that a decision would be made at the end of Rd 4 as to whether time/conditions would allow a fifth round. Regardless of 4 or 5 rounds, there would be one discard. A landing area of a 30m diameter circle was set out and getting the model completely inside the circle would garner an extra 25 points. A draw was made for flying order and flying commenced.

The air was difficult to read and indicators were few and far between. Some flghts got away, others didn't and there were some determined efforts to stay in the air and still get back for the landing bonus. Bill Scott had issues with his Algebra, worked fine when he range checked but nothing when he turned on for first flight. He quickly switched to a Sig Riser, but had issues trying to winch launch it, the hook position may need some work. Wayne was doing well, first competition where he launched, flew and landed completely unaided. Richard and Andrew were getting monstrous pings off launch with their Tragi Clusters and able to range further out with these world class machines. Andrew did have issues during one ping when the line caugt on the tailplane and there were a few anxious moments while he brought it back under control and landed within the 60 secs to get a relaunch. Tommy broke the rear wing bolt plate free on his Eliminator 134 on his first landing and switched to his Eliminator 100 which still proved competitive. Sam flew his aging Osprey in his usual manner, working hard to keep himself in the hunt. Paul continues to be competitive with his Soprano, but was struggling with the pain from a shoulder that he broke skiing early in 2016. Keith is currently campaigning an Ava and when he gets to grips with it's handling it should be very competitive. Kieran and Ronnie flew electric models which we allow in our thermal events with a reduced cut off height on their limiters.

At the end of 4 rounds, the decision was taken to cut off the rounds at that point as the weather looked to be closing in.
Scores after the four rounds were: (discards in red)

Area rounds 2016

With Richard and Andrew through to the fly off and both really needing the more powerful winch, a toss of a coin decided who would get winch choice. Andrew won the toss and elected to fly off the club winch first leaving Richard the F3b (more powerful) winch. Both launched close together and pushed out towards the tree line. Richard gained a fair bit of height anf looked comfortable for a full 8 minute flight. Andrew was having to work considerably harder and through perseverance and working small bubbles and wave made it to 8 mins and got the landing. Richard landed at 8:03 and lost his landing bonus for overflying the time. This gave Andrew a slender lead going in to the second flight. The pilots switched winches and launched again. This time Andrew got away and Richard was struggling. Andrew flew on after Richard had landed to secure a comfortable win in the fly off.

AT2016 flyoff

fly off

The competitors in the Fly Off - Andrew Wallace & Richard Boyd


Andrew Wallace; NI Area Thermal Champion 2016 with his Tragi Cluster

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Open Thermal & Height Limited Electric 5 June 2016
Numbers were a little down with a couple of people away on holidays, but we still turned out 6 pilots in Open Thermal and 5 in e-soaring.
The CD made the decision to run 4 rounds of thermal, (1 discard), 8 minutes and a 25 point landing bonus for getting the whole model inside a 15m radius circle.
The landing circle did not meet with everyones approval, but during the competition everyone tried to get the bonus on every flight!
Bill Scott was having problems getting his Algebra to the top of the line and all 4 flights ended in "pop offs" at around 2/3 height. A different style of hook is the next option to try and prevent this. Sam Phenix was doing well with his venerable (and much repaired) Osprey until a tip stall during a low level turn dumped it on the wingtip leading to a clean break at the dihedral joint. It will be back in the air soon. Keith was flying his new electric Ava with the prop blades removed and winch launching for the first time. With some coaching on the line from Sam he did really well and had no scary moments. Once he gets to grips with the model it should be very competitive. Kieran was competing with his RES Mystique using the height limiter to keep his launches to the same height as the winch boys and doing well with this new ( to him) model. Paul Freeman and Richard Boyd were campaigning Soprano and Tragi Cluster respectively.
Wind for the event was light (6 - 10) ESE, with a light overcast for most of the flights. What thermal activity there was was sporadic and small. If found, it had to be worked hard and turned in tight. Not all flights found lift and this resulted in quite a variation in scoring.
 At the end of the event the bigger wingspans and ranging capabilities of the Soprano and Tragi won out. Full results below, discard in red.

thermal result

We then moved on to the e-soaring event, Bill was having some breathing difficulties and decided not to fly leaving 5 pilots. Richard & Sam flew Radians, Keith his Ava, (with prop blades!), Kieran his Mystique and Paul flew a 2m Alex?. CD again went for 4 8 minute rounds with the landing bonus, allowing one discard. Despite everyone doing a range check prior to flying, Richard had some control issues. Initially we thought loss of signal, but Richard also intends to check the bec in his speed controller in case it was dropping out. Again the lift was patchy and small, the smaller lighter Radians utilising this to good effect. Results below (discard in red)


(pics courtesy of Keith Wilson)

glider line
Open Thermal 22nd May 2016

After a couple of false starts with events cancelled due to the weather, we finally managed to get a competition run !

Unfortunately due to ill health I was unable to attend, so the results are from CD Wayne Lavery and pics courtesy of  Andrew Wallace & Ronnie Armstrong.

Seven pilots competed in air which either worked or didn't, with some booming flights. There were a few new(ish) models about and some people getting to grips with models they'd been flying for a while. The results are below:


Congratulations Paul on a great win, partiularly as he hardly flew last year due to work commitments and is also recovering from a broken shoulder!


Good to see Kieran and Keith flying and Wayne getting used to his Riser

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