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Electric Soaring; Sunday 4th October 2015
We had intended to run an Open Thermal & an Electric event, but on the day we only had one winch available, which would have been too powerful for some of the models. Decision was taken to run an electric only. Four rounds of 8 minutes with a landing, allowed for one discard. Conditions were blustery, with a cool wind of 8 - 12mph coming form the SSE. Air was turbulent with small pockets of lift.
Bill and Wayne both had issues in Rd1 and had to withdraw. Andrew flying his oculus was making good use of the bigger span. Keith Wilson was flying his new Cloud Dancer. This will be a potent weapon once he gets used to the slower pace of gliders and this model.
At the end of four rounds the results were as below:


cloud dancer

Keiths new Cloud Dancer


Andrew's e-oculus on landing approach, (sorry posts got in the way of the actual touchdown!)

We finished the day with two All Up Last Down (AULD) comps. Andrew took the first and Frank the second.

That concludes the 2015 thermal season. We will try and run a Winter Electric Series if the weather will co-operate!

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Open Thermal; Sunday 20th September 2015

At 0830, the weather wasn't bad. By 1000 the winds had started to gust, it was cold and dark clouds were threatening from the South west! Seven pilots turned out to fly, but Wayne sensibly decided not to risk his lightly built Sig Riser in the gusty conditions. Schedule was 3 rounds of 8 minutes with a landing bonus. Only Tommy & Richard were able to find anything in the way of lift, the rest of us struggled to stay aloft for any length of time and  landings were difficult. Tommy damaged his Eliminator 134 on landing in Rd 2 and flew Rd 3 with his Eliminator 100. Everyone else went home with their models intact. As footballers started to appear in numbers, we decided NOT to run the electric.

The results of the Open thermal are below:


Congratulations Richard on another win.

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100S Boyce Trophy; Sun 13th September 2015

Called at relatively short notice, because the weather looked promising, this turned out to be one of our closest fought competitions of the season. We had 8 pilots flying and  in most rounds a couple of pilots got away when everyone else missed it. Format was 5 rounds of 8 minutes with a 25 point landing bonus and one discard. Followed by a 2 man fly off for the trophy. Running order was a random pick by Andrew. Richard was flying a borrowed Osprey having damaged his Ava previously and although he enjoyed flyingit he struggled getting it to centre and maintain in the thermals. Wayne was getting back on the sticks after a long lay off, with Andrew taking it up the winch line and letting him do as much of the flying as possible. On at least 2 occasions I saw he got it within feet of a landing before Andrew took over. His thermal turns were also markedly improved, nice and flat with little if any height loss. Our newest member, Keith, only has a 2.5m electric at the moment, so we encouraged him to fly but limited his launch heigh to 100m. He flew well, but it will take him time to get used to the slower pace of gliders. Bill was having the kind of day you only dream of; finding lift and managing to work it even from low level and despite flirting with the trees on a number of occasions kept this up through the five rounds.

At the end of the 5 rounds there were just 12 points between the top 2


That put Bill flying an Algebra and Andrew with a Tracker in to the fly off. In the first round, neither pilot found great lift and landed at around 4 minutes. Both flirted with trees and goalposts, but tsill got their landing bonus. Andrew was ahead by just under 200 points. Flight 2 both pilots found lift and worked it, but at around 6 minutes the lift died. Both worked to stay airborne, but were heading for landings well before 8 minutes. Bill was landing before Andrew, but elected to land safely and not force the landing missing out on the landing bonus. Andrew again flirted with the trees and a landing in or on the other side of them would have resulted in a zero score, but he limped over them and got his landing bonus.


A well deserved win for Andrew who takes the Boyce Trophy. Bill took the bottle of wine as he was ahead at the end of the rounds
Congratulations Andrew.

Sorry I was too bus concentrating on my flying I forgot all about the camera in my pocket!! The only pic we have is one Andrew took of Bill receiving his wine from club treasurer Tommy Magee

wine pic

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Electric Only; Sun 30th Aug 2015

This was a hastily arranged event as the weather looked promising. Our treasurer looks after the winch batteries and as he was at the Nationals, the choice was Electric Only! Despite Tommy being at the Nationals and another member recovering from heart surgery, we still turned out 8 pilots. It was great to see Paul Freeman and Bob McIvor flying in comps again.
Wayne had motor issues and was unable to fly, so than you to him for looking after the scores and timing. Andrew was giving his Radian a rest and campaigning the electric version of the Oculus: At 3m+ this is a big, easy flying model built from a US kit.
The weather was light overcast, winds 6 - 8mph WNW and stayed that way throughout the event.
There were some big thermals around, but also large areas of sink. On occasion, the lift was well marked by buzzards, crows & seagulls. On others it was near impossible to find! Each event was to be 3 rounds, 8 minute flights with a 25 point landing bonus for landing fully within the centre circle of the football pitch for a little extra spice. The top 3 werre very close, with the results below:


Unfortunately after the first event Paul had to leave for work and Ronnie had family commitments. Leaving 5 to compete in event 2.  Lift was good and a lot of flights were close to 8 minutes with a few landing bonuses thrown in. Timing for Bill, Richard did a great job of talking him through a couple of good flights. He also had the misfortune in his second flight of accidentally activating the throttle on his landing approach, resulting in a zero score. Very unfortunate as his other 2 flights would have put him in contention for the win. Andrew utilised his large span and light loading to good effect. Results of event 2 below.


A very worthwhile event, run at short notice which I hope revitalised everyone after the awful season we've had so far!

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100S Trophy and Electric, Sun 16th Aug 2015

Despite Bill & Wayne still recovering from surgery and Andrew unavailable, six flyers still turned out to compete for the 100s Trophy. Paul Freeman made a cameo appearance, work having kept him from flying for most of the year so far. Apart from Richard losing the tail on his Ava, everything went pretty well after some time trying to decide which way the wind was actually going to blow as it kept swing thru 90 degrees. The format was 4 of 8 minute rounds, with one discard and the top two in a 2 round fly off for the trophy. After the 4 rounds the results were as below:


This put Tommy & Frank in to the fly off, with the result below

fly off

With time still available and a lack of competitions this year, they then flew a quick electric event. Results below:



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Area Open Thermal Championships Sun 19th July 2015

So far it's been a very poor year for thermal flying. Good weather through the week, deteriorating as the weekend approaches to either high winds or pouring rain by Sundays.
This event was rescheduled from the early June original and in the run up, even this looked doubtful. Saturday night was forecast to be horrendous and early Sunday was supposed to be windy, but getting lighter and drier as the day progressed. Based on this, we decided to at least meet and see how things went from there.

Sunday morning was dry, but still windy, so we set out the winches and crossed our fingers!

About 11:15 the winds abated enough for us to start flying. The schedule was to be 4 rounds, allowing 1 discard and 8 minute target time. Rd1:  Andrew & Tommy were first up and found good lift to almost max out. Everyone else bar Richard found sink and struggled. Rd2:   Tommy & Richard got lift, everyone else struggled. Rd3: Better lift, Andrew had to switch to his 100" Osprey as on launch his Eliminator 134 wing tried to part comapny from the fuselage. He did exceptionally well to get the model to the ground with minimal damage on airbrakes only! Billl came off low on launch and was just going to fly it out, but Tommy and Sam persuaded him to land and go for the reflight. Bet they wished they hadn't as he flew out a 7:57; still not good enough for the round win though. Rd4: Andrew and Tommy again got the best of the lift with rest of us left iin their wake. Richard was going well too, until a control issue on his landing approach put his model in a tree for a zero score.

The scores for the first 4 rounds are below, discard in red

TommyEliminator 1349951000997100029971
AndrewEliminator 134 & Osprey100057332581023833
FrankAlgebra 2.535639275623315046
BillAlgebra 2.538628398332116905
RonnieAlgebra 2.516724447708887
RichardTragi Cluster947779970026962

Tommy & Richard then went on t a two man, two round fly off of 8 minutes each.  as our two winches are different in power, a coin was tossed to see who got choice of which winch to go from first. Tommy won the toss and elected to go off the club winch first rather than the F3b winch.
Richard outflew Tommy by just over a minute to lead by 188 points going n to round 2. He then won round 2 by just 5 seconds for an overall win by 210 points


Congratulations Richard on winning the Area Championships


pw5 liner

Open & Electric Sun 26 April 2015

After the disappointment of the first event of the year being cancelled, the weather wasn't looking too promising for this event either! It was a close call early on Sunday morning, but our CD Wayne Lavery decided to go ahead. Conditions were light NW, 7 - 14 mph and bitterly cold. Seven of us turned out and despite the Chairman forgetting he'd stored one of the winches for the Winter, we got started sharpish with just the one winch.  
Bill made a poor first flight, but landed safely within the one football pitch our CD had decreed for the 25 point landing bonus. Frank followed with better air and then Sam. Unfortunately as soon as Sams Multi Phase left Tommys hands it was obvious something was wrong. The wings were flexing badly and before Sam could put some down trim in a gust hit and the wings sheared. the model came in hard, burying itself about 6 inches in to VERY hard ground. This ended Sams flying for the day and Wayne wisely decided that with a lightly built model and little experience in turbulent conditions he too would withdraw. This left five to contest the event. Ronnie was flying well , despite some iffy landings requiring tape and glue between rounds! Andrew and Tommy were both flying Eliminator 134's  and having trouble at low level with the turbulence. Andrew dumping his in the car park on the first flight after a stall on the final downwind turn, gaining him a zero score for landing outwith the field. Conditions continued to deteriorate and as we finished the second round a heavy rain shower started. Everybody headed for the acrs to shelter in the hope it would blow through which it did after about 20 minutes and we raidly flew round 3 to give us the results below:


With conditions looking as if they would get worse, we decided not to run the electric event, although Sam, Tommy, Bill, Andrew and Frank had a flight with their electrics before deciding it was too cold and headin home.
All in all, a demanding and eventful first event of 2015.

Next event is the 100S Boyce Trophy on 10 May 2015.