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Slope 12/12/10

John Pearson & Bill Scott were the only ones mad enough to turn out for the last scheduled event of the year. Although to be fair, several others were down with the cold/flu.

Conditions were very marginal, but we still managed two flights each totalling over 1 hour. Wind was ESE, 7 - 10, so  John flew his thermal model, while Bill flew a light Zagi. John quickly discovered that a blue model against a clear blue sky can be VERY difficult to see!! A few trim stripes will sort this.

Perhaps next year will see turn out at events increase and NIMSA can grow as a club

(click pic for bigger image)



Slope Flying 28th Nov 2010

Stevie and I attempted to get to the bowl, but the road up the hill was an absolute skating rink, so NO flying today


Slope Flying 9th Oct 2010:

An unscheduled event, but the forecast wind speed and direction made it too good an opportunity to miss. Around 14 members of both NIMSA and East Antrim met at a site in the Antrim hills and enjoyed a wonderful afternoons slope flying in winds of 18 - 30 mph.

Everything was flown from Frank Jacksons diminutive Multiplex Fox converted from Free flght to R/C, to Louden Blair Reichard Barracuda 3.5m elecrtic soarer, with the usual suspects of EPP and built up models in between!
 Video's of the day can be found on the video page.


Slope Event 3rd Oct 2010.

Four of us made it to the top of Slieve Gallion for a day of slope flying. Sam, Stevie, John & Bill. Models were rigged and first flights were in the region of 40 - 45 mins. We then tried to get Stevie flying his Eppi-Soar. First flight didn't go too well, as when trying to pass the TX between Bill & Stevie, the model got low behind us and went in. The only damage was a loosened tailplane/fin. Some tape quickly fixed that and the model was launched again with John flying and then passing it to Stevie for a few minutes flying. Realistically, it was probably just a touch windy for this model, but at least Stevie, got a stir of the sticks!! Unfortuantely while fixing Stevies model we hadn't been paying enough attention and broke the tip of Bills (huge) Multiplex aerial, ending his days flying. We were also unable to get the RCGroups World SLope Tour Dominator in the air as the TX & RX refused to bind. A good day out, only slightly spoiled by lack of numbers.

Boyce Trophy for 100S Models 19th Sept 2010

After a bad start when the groundsman didn't have us on a his list for the day and had put a football match on our flying area, we got going at around 1.30pm.

Round one was dominated by John Pearson. He got away when everyone else was struggling. Not bad with a 35 model bought from the BMFA Nationals Swap Meet! John took the 1000, with the next man being high 500's!!

Round 2 was a little closer with the times being more evenly spread. Frank took round 2. Bill snapped the boom on his model on luanch and had to withdraw.

Round 3 was again taken by Frank with Tommy very close behind.

After 3 rounds the results were as follows:

Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total Position
Frank 576 1000 1000 2576 1
John 1000 500 551 2051 2
Tommy 456 659 934 2049 3
Andrew 495 929 485 1909 4
Jimmy 474 659 544 1677 5
Mike 426 552 642 1620 6
Richard 369 671 444 1484 7
Sam 594 368 458 1420 8
Ronnie 369 377 0 746 9
Bill 402 0 0 402 10

So Frank and John progressed to a single round fly off, as the drizzle had started. Frank won with a 2:51 compared to John's 2:32. Not bad in very poor condition

So Frank wins the Boyce Trophy and that concludes the 2010 thermal season

Andrew launchingSam ready to launchin flightabout to landon approach

Open Thermal & Electric 22nd Aug 2010
Only 4 turned up to fly. Wind was wsw, coming in a cross the big stand of trees so common sense was used and we elected NOT to fly

Rescheduled Area Open Thermal Champs 8th Aug 2010

Well what can I say about this resheduled event, only one word comes to mind.........WOW!!

Our highest in a long time and excellent soaring conditions, made for an excellent event with a thrilling finish.

We had several extra competitors, Louden turned out with his two grandsons (David & Robert), Richard Boyd came across from Dungannon with his dad , Reggie and NIAA Vice Chairman, John Pearson came up from Armagh to give us 11 flyers in total. Bill had intended to fly, but discovered his tailplane was damaged and opted out, as did Jimmy, so we could have had 13.  Unfortunately in Round 1 Frank folded a wing on his Algebra. Luckily the damage was restricted to the wing and should be a  relatively easy repair. Then in Round 4 the wing on Louden's 21 year old model also folded. As he and his grandsons were all flying the same model that put them all out.

The CD originally called for 5 rounds with a discard, but it became obvious early on that with the numbers we had this would be impossible to do and still have time for a fly off, so it was dropped to 4 with a discard. There was lift around, but it had to be found and worked. Some found it others didn't. Consistencey was the name of the game. On his first flight in athermal event and first using a winch launch, Richard Boyd flew 7:59 out of 8 minutes! Louden managed to hit the treelinein Rd 3 which resulted in a Zero in that round.

Results of the first four rounds are below, discard round in red:

Pilot Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Total Place
Tommy 1000 998 1000 998 2998 1
Sam 998 1000 954 483 2952 2
Paul 250 1000 868 1000 2868 3
David 239 998 941 0 2178 4
Andrew 998 306 744 329 2071 5
Richard 998 185 226 844 2068 6
Reggie 335 973 222 364 1672 7
John 292 846 364 421 1631 8
Mike 231 877 286 456 1619 9
Robert 264 514 717 0 1495 10
Louden 227 368 0 271 866 11
Frank DNF 0 0 0 0 12

That put Sam and Tommy in to a two man fly off for the trophy. This turned in to an absolute epic.

In Rd 1 Tommy flew 7:59, Sam 8:00. That out Tommy 2 point behind going in to Rd 2. Tommy took  off about 20 secs ahead of Sam, but they both flew in the same air with Sam shadowing Tommy. Tommy landed bang on 8:00 and we then waited on Sam coming in. He had to get 7:59 or better and got................................... 8:00. 

Sam Phenix  takes the Area Open Thermal Championships by a margin of 1 Second in  16 minutes

Photo's courtesy of John Pearson

Open & Electric, Sun 20th June 2010

Very low turnout (4) as several people were away or had other commitments. Paul was working an early shift which meant that we didn't start the thermal competition until after 2, so no electric was flown. Mike, Frank and I had been doing a bit of sport flying while waiting for Paul, and the lift was abundant. The moment the comp started all the lift disappeared and it became very difficult to get lift. Paul managed in Round 1 and Bill worked a small bubble above the car park to win round 3. Results below, sorry no pics this time!

Pilot Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total Place
Paul 1000 625 713 2338 1
Bill 310 606 1000 1916 2
Frank 331 1000 430 1761 3
Mike 221 757 343 1321 4

Congratulations to Paul for a win under difficult conditions


Open Area Championships 6th Jun 2010

Unfortunately this event had to be postponed. The council had booked an "It's A Knockout" competition on pitches adjacent to those we normally use and as it was for charity, we elected not to fly rather than them have to cancel their event


Open & Electric, Sun 23rd May 2010

A VERY difficult day, wind was coming in from the west over the trees creating horrendous turbulence at low level. On top of this, the sky was totally clear, giving no clues whatever where the lift was. Some found it many didn't and the low level turbulence caused some carnage, with both Sam and Paul getting caught out by the windspeed low down and finding their models impossible to turn away from the trees. Paul only suffered minor damage. Sam's is a bit more extensive with the foam wing of his Multiphase breaking out past the airbrake. As a result of the problems during the open competition, the electric was cancelled, as few people were willing to risk their models

Results below (best 3 from 4)

Pilot Rd 1  Rd 2  Rd 3 Rd 4 Total Placing
Andrew 1000 1000 514 692 2692 1
Sam 504 715 1000 778 2493 2
Paul 822 619 514 1000 2441 3
Tommy 350 631 543 606 1780 4
Loudon 362 365 175 400 1127 5
Jimmy 243 342 416 251 1009 6
Mike 215 508 258 200 981 7
Bill 338 169 159 226 733 8

Andrew flew his Sharp Wind well in the poor conditions to win two rounds and score well in his final scoring round to win this event

Pics here


Open & Electric, Sun 9th May 2010

Started out as a sunny day, with very little wind from the west. Ended overcast, with a chill north west breeze which would have cut you in half!

Results for Open competition below. Four rounds of 8 mins flown with a discard

Figures in red are discard

Pilot Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Total Place
Sam Phenix 951 1000 1000 511 2951 1
Paul Freeman 927 1000 742 1000 2927 2
Mike Leonard 917 958 529 232 2404 3
Frank Jackson 553 1000 454 812 2365 4
Andrew Wallace 995 622 371 493 2110 5
Jimmy Taylor 1000 496 452 520 2016 6
Bill Scott 539 510 689 330 1738 7

A fairly close competition with everyone getting both good and bad air, as shown in the scores. Sam flew his Multi Phase to win, Paul his Soprano, Mike an Aquila Grande, Frank an Algebra, Andrew a full house, moulded Sharp Wind, Jimmy a Metrick and Bill an Own design 100" model loosely based on the Eliminator 100. 

Results for the electric: 3 rounds of 6 mins with a 15 second motor run allowed

Pilot Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total Place
Paul Freeman 880 983 997 2860 1
Andrew Wallace 1000 714 1000 2714 2
Sam Phenix 585 1000 543 2128 3
Jimmy Taylor 462 509 225 1196 4
Frank Jackson 328 313 428 1069 5

Paul Freeman won with consistent flying, although no slot wins

Some pics provided by Paul Freeman


100S Cup, Sun 25th April 2010

A low turnout due to other commitment, illness and lack of suitable models. Andrew missed the Area Aerobatics championship first round to compete in 100S. Man with his priorities right!!

Results were:

Pilot 1 2 3 4 5 Total Place
Paul 439 1000 1000 1000   3000 1
Frank 358 900 841 929   2670 2
Andrew 1000 636 430 515   2151 3
Tommy 450 458 274 705   1613 4


Congratulations Paul on your win


Click below for a full set of pics of the event taken by "Matt"





Open Thermal & Electric 11/04/10

A GREAT start to the year. A good turnout and EXCELLENT weather. Seven flew in Open and four in Electric.

The Open scores were very close with less than 110 points separating 1st & 3rd! Nobody really got away in the very light thermals, but the scores were still very close. We ran four rounds with the worst score discarded.

Pilot Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3  Rd 4 Total Place.
Paul 1000 804 874 930 2804 1
Andrew 796 617 1000 915 2711 2
Tommy 565 777 917 1000 2694 3
Sam 938 1000 332 0 2270 4
Ronnie 383 598 592 387 1577 5
Mike 447 369 324 689 1505 6
Frank 802       802 7

Well done to Paul, who flew consistently throughout.

Frank damaged his model at the end of the first round and Sam folded the wings on his model on the line in the final round.


Electric only had four entrants, but again the scores were very close with more fliers getting close to the max of 8 mins. We only flew 3 rounds of electric. Brushless power got 15 secs motor run, brushed 60 secs. (Only one flier was using a brushed set up)

Pilot Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3  Total Place.
Andrew 832 883 1000 2715 1
Paul 548 992 921 2461 2
Sam 1000 1000 382 2382 3
Mike 179 44 156 379 4

Very close at the top. Well done Andrew

(click pics for a bigger image)


Slope 28/03/10

The forecast for this event wasn't great. Light winds and showers. On the day, the wind was blowing around 20, (no one measured it!) and the few showers that did appear either passed us by or were very light.

Five of us turned out, Sam, Tommy, John, Bill and Jimmy. Once we'd decided that it was Craigy Hill, Jimmy opted out as it's a bit of a climb!

Sam decide to wait at the bottom and see if we got any good air, but after he'd seen the lift we were getting he was up the hill behind us.

John was really wringing out his Middle Phase to the extent that he creased both wings pulling high G turns. Sam's Filip was doing well too and Tommy was shooting about with his enigma. Bill had cracked his Fuz on the way up the hill and after some tape and a splint it took to the air with a very "weird" bendy shaped fuz.

A great days flying  in good wind and those who missed it, missed a very enjoyable day


pics can be found here

John was taking some video, so hopefully I'll get that or links to it, up soon.

Slope 31/01/10

First event of 2010, but only two of us made it out! That means we're either vary committed or should be committed!!

John and Bill had an enjoyable afternoons flying in 12 - 15mph winds and sunny conditions. The snow was lying to about 6", which made the roads to the site a bit tricky and the walk up the hill a bit of a slog. There were snow showers passing either side of us but only one stopped us flying and then only for 5 mins.