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Rd 1 Winter Electric Series 19/11/17

As the forecast was good and we had our minimum number of 4, we went ahead with Rd 1 of the Winter Electric Series for 2017. Keith, Bill, Tommy & Paul turned out on a cold (3C) but calm morning. Keith had yet another new toy to try out as did Tommy. Difference in value was only about £1500! Tommy had issues with the model that he'd intended to fly, (his Inside) and had to switch to his Radian. Unfortunately some confusion over servo assignment on his radio led to his model spinning in on his first flight and out of the competition.
Keith's new (second hand) Pike Perfection was flying very well in Rounds 1 & 2, but he switched to his Supra in Rd 3 as the motor on the Pike would only run for a few seconds (Esc settings?). Paul was chasing him with his Q12 and pushed him close for the scores.
A good win for Keith flying a new (to him) model. Next rounds will be when weather allows


Electric & Aerotow 08/10/17:
Once again we were fortunate to be offered the use of the Causeway Coast MFC flying field for a combined electric soaring event & aerotow. The site is noise sensitive on Sundays due to it's proximity to the local church, so from 10 -1 we flew an E-Soaring event. 4 rounds allowed one discard. Chairman Bill Scott was having difficulty finding the field, (despite the best effortsof his timer!) and twice landed just the wrong side of the fence. Everyone else was finding lift in what seemed to be a flat sky!! This made the scores very close and the final result in the balance right up to the last flights.

Congratulations to Keith for the win, but with the top 5 separated by less than 700 points in 300, this was a closely fought competition.

Once the Church let out, we started the petrol tugs and did some aerotowing. Andrew didn't have the big Pawnee this year, so Louden Blair couldn't really get in the air comfortably and decided not to fly his Ka6. Andrew's Pik 20 was towed up by Robert Wallace, who then towed up John Pearson and the Minimoa. Unfortunately Robert ran out of fuel before full height and had to make a dead stick landing damaging te undercarriage on his Wot 4XL. Andrew continued towing with his 30cc Cub and there were some very good flight. Paul Freeman had his Parkzone Ka8 with him and Peter Kane agreed to try towing for the first time with his electric Carbon Cub. The towline was a little short, but Peter managed well and took Paul to good height on a number of occasions. Another great days towing!

Once again, Thank You very much to the members of Causeway Coast MFC for the use of their field and their superb hospitality.

Area E-Soaring Championships 17/09/17:

A week later than originally scheduled due to the awful weather we've had all season, we finally got the Area E-Soaring Champs in the record books for 2017. & pilots turned up to fly. Richard was borrowing a model off Andrew to fly, but was unable to get any of his Spektrum receivers to bind to his DX9. So 6 pilots competed, (all NIMSA members).
Schedule was for 5 rounds of 8 mins, allowing 1 discard and top 2 in a 2 round fly off. Conditions were changeable and consistency was the order of the day. Those who maintained high scores in 4 out of their 5 rounds were in with a shout. In one of the rounds, Paul Freeman flying his Q12 was a t tree height after about 3 minutes, but worked a small bubble away to take the 1000. Keith was working what appeared to be wave over the car park and found this in most rounds to stay high in the rankings. Andrew, Tommy & Sam ranged around the field, finding lift wherever possible and staying in the hunt too.
After 5 rounds the scores were as follows:

This put Keith through as top man, with Paul Freeman a very close second.
Rd 1 of the fly off and the wind had picked up slightly to the point where Keiths Inside was struggling a little, (he'd stripped the pinion off the motor on his Supra before the start of the event). Paul took a convincing lead in RD 1 and increased it in Rd2 to become the Area E-Soaring Champion for 2017 and take home the Reggie Boyd Trophy.


 The two protagonists for the fly off: (Paul Freeman [left] with Q12 and Keith Wilson [right] with the Hoellein Inside)


Paul being presented with the Reggie Boyd Trophy by Club Chairman Bill Scott

100S Cup 13/08/17

6 flyers turned out in what looked like perfect conditions, but thermals proved elusive and had to be worked carefully. Sam and Andrew both worked very low level starting lift away to get almost full scores in at least one round, with others finding lift further out. Bill Scott was having extreme trouble getting his heavy Algebra to the top of the line in the light conditions and flew most rounds from less than tow height. 5 rounds allowed 1 discard and at the end of the rounds the scores were:

Keith and Andrew went on the fly off. Keith took a lead in Fly off 1, but Andrew would be going off a more favourable winch in Fly off 2 and was hopeful of regaining the deficit. Unfortunately after the ping he had a couple of almost uncontrollable stalls which lost him significant height and Keith again gained a better score. Result was:

Keith Wilson receiving 100S Cup

Area Open Thermal Championship 23/07/17

8 flyers turned out to contest the Area Thermal champs. However, after a radio issue in Rd 1 Andrew Wallace decided not to continue and Richard Boyd, who uses the same make & model of TX, decided likewise until they could get to the bottom of the issue! Paul Freeman also had a minor issue, but as he uses a different brand and it seemed to be a signal blip rather than loss, he decided to continue.

Four rounds were flown, allowing 1 discard. After 4 rounds, the scores stood as:

Paul & Keith went on to the fly off, with Keith taking a good lead in Fly off 1 and extending it in Fly off 2.

Paul (Soprano) & Keith (Supra)

Chairman, Bill Scott presenting Keith with Area Thermal Cup

100S Boyce Trophy 18/06/17

Clashed with an event at Titanic Quarter, so Chairman Bill Scott was missing: 6 pilots turned out to compete; 4 rounds allowed one discard with top 2 going in to a 2 round fly off.
After 4 rounds the results were:

Boyce 17 rds

Andrew and Sam went on to the fly off, with Andrew ending up a narrow winner
boyce18 flyoff

Secretary, Paul Freeman presented the trophy in the Chairman's absence.

Open Thermal & Electric 24/04/17:
Five pilots turned out to participate in the first event of the year (previous one was cancelled). Chairman, Bill Scott, was on NIAA duty and as he had Wayne's models locked in his gragae, Wayne couldn't compete either! Sorry don't have much to report other than the results:

Open Thermal:




Congratulations to Sam & Andrew on their wins

pw5 liner

Final Standings in Winter Electric Series

discard in red
rd3 res

Keith wins the Winter Electric Series for 2017


Keith Wilson being presented with the Winter Electric Series "Quaich" by club chairman, Bill Scott

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Rd3, Winter Electric Series 05/02/17

With the forecast showing a weather window on the Sunday morning, the decision was made to run the final round of the Winter electric Series with 2 rounds out of 3 to count for the final result. Five flyers turned out to compete in almost flight calm conditions. There was a very light easterly "drift"  and mid level cloud with occasional patches of blue sky. The easterly meant we were flying out over the valley towards Big Colin, sometimes a VERY long way out and this was where Keiths large span and it's shocking pink colour came in to its own! In Rd1 most pilots found lift, Bill had issues on the climb with the motor sagging and from a very low start height eked out a 3.5 minute flight. The rest got close to the 8 minutes or on it. The rounds continued with good and bad lift and consistency was going to win the day. Conditions stayed fairly settled until we started back to the car when a little light rain started.

Results below, discard in red

pw5 liner
Rd 2 Winter Electric Series 22/01/2017

Rd 2 was flown in low temps (3C) and very light winds (0 - 3mph westerly). We were able to use the Doagh field although there was mist in the distance, which thankfully never got to us



pw5 liner
Rd 1 Winter Electric Series 8/01/2017

Series Rules:
8 Minutes precision flight
150m or 30 second motor run whichever comes first
Landing within the field
4 flights per event, allowing 1 discard
Flown over 3 rounds. Best 2 scores to count

Sunday 8th January 2017 saw the 1st round of the Winter electric series being completed.  The competition was scheduled to be flown at the field outside Doagh, but as Keith is always very eager to get out flying he was at the flying site over an hour early, and the fog was so bad he couldn’t see the field, It was decided to move the event to Mallusk and all competitors were informed.

 Keith Wilson, Paul Freeman, Tommy Magee and Wayne Lavery got themselves prepared and started the competition, of four rounds of 8 minute flights which would allow for 1 discard.  Conditions were difficult for most pilots but Wayne flying his Radian Pro landed outside the Field on the 1st Round and had a NIL score, Paul also had a NIL score in the 1st round as he had to put the motor on to get himself back into the field as his HighLight model was unable to penetrate the wind, by putting the motor on Paul ensured his model was able to fly in the rest of the 3 remaining rounds.

The best flight of the day was the superb 8:03minute flight from Paul in the 2nd round.  Keith won the 3rd round flying his beautiful Supra model.

Tommy Magee had a NIL score in the 4th round as his Canopy came off in flight, Tommy thinks Keith sabotaged the elastic band which was holding his canopy on his Radian, Keith has denied all knowledge.