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Club Members News:

A place for members to shout about their latest creations or flights

Don't forget guys, if you're building or have bought anything new please let me know

(latest news at the top)

Paul's Hobbyking Guppy

Paul grabbed a bargain on the Hobbyking website, spotting this Guppy at £39 incl servos!

Span 1165mm; weight 9.25oz; Wing loading ~6.5 oz/sq.ft.

G1 G2


Keith Wilson's Inside: (26/04/17)

From a kit by Hoellein in Germany

2.87m Span full house electric sailplane






More Q10  (26/04/17)

2m span

20.5 ounces weight

Hacker A20/20L turning a 10 x 7 prop this gives 200 watts power



Paul's Q10 (06/02/17)

Paul has been putting together a new model for E-Soaring in 2017, a Q10 by Horesji

Below are a few pics of the work sso far - click for a larger image







In addition to Pauls model, Bill & Keith have been building Inside's from Hoellein

Pauls' Mini DLG  (13/07/15)

Paul was inspired by Richard & Andrews Blasters, but not prepared to pay that sort of money, (must be some Scottish blood in him!). He's bought a mini dlg from Hobbyking. It's not built or flown yet, but he sent me some pictures of the kit.

fuz1whole wingtip1eing cent

wing2 fuz2tailfuz&rx

Not Much Recently But:

Not much has been added here recently but there have been a lot of new models in the club.

Andrew is now flying a Tracker and an Osprey in 100S, and a Radian in electric. There are actually quite a few Radians in the 
club now. Frannk, Sam, Richard and Andrew flying standard RE Radians, Bill & Wayne flying Radian Pro's. Ronnie has a bitsa of a Phoenix 2000  fuz and Radian wings and Marius flying a Phoenix 2000. Andrew has also purchased a glider fuselage for his Occulus as has Richard for his Tragi

No new models in Open other than Richards Tragi Cluster all carbon. Bill & Tommy both have  to build , both bought from ex Howard Menary stock at tthe UMAC bring & buy last Autumn

Slope wise, very little being built other than Bill putting together a Shogun and a Condor Evo4. Paul has bought a Parkzone Ka8.

Andrews Oculus

Andrew Wallace has been busy building this Winter. He imported an Oculus kit in from the USA. This kit is sold by MM Glidertech in the USA

Model is for the Open Class and spans 122.5". It is Rudder/Elevator/Spoiler and uses a conventional rib & spar type wing, extensively strengthened with a carbon/kevlar spar and carbon cap strips on the wings.. The fuselage is glass Fibre and very sleek. Andrew has made an excellent job of finishing this and has now also ordered an electric fuselage for this wing


Andrew also has another couple of models ready for this season, but they are  under wraps until their first events!!

Paul's "La Belle Dame"

In Pauls own words:

"I have finished and flown my new model, the Hobbyking La Belle Dame.

I blame Frank. A few years ago Frank turned up with a gorgeous model called the New Timer, with the look of an old time free flight power model. I had to buy one but me being me I put it off and put it off until I couldn’t find one in the shops. Then Hobbyking released ‘La Belle Dame’ and I ordered one immediately.  It was delivered within a few days in a stout box which contained not a drop of Guinness but a perfect model aircraft. The wings are foam and complete, the fin and rudder are also foam and finished ready for installation.  The fuselage, a foam and fiberglass tube affair, has the motor prop esc and servos pre-installed.  I’d like to say that I built it but it is held together with just four bolts which should have made ‘construction’  a ten minute affair, of course it’s never that easy.  At the tail of the fuselage is a platform to which the fin and rudder are attached, but it was not square so I had to make a shim which meant that the supplied bolts were too short so I got some bolts of the correct diameter from the bitbox but they were too long and had to have a spacer added to them.  Then I tried to mount the wing.  Again just two bolts do the job but as I tighten the front bolt the threads stripped, so re-tapped the mount, and installed  a new plastic bolt from the bitbox. The undercarriage legs just push into mounting holes to complete the build.  There is very little room in the fuselage for the rx and it just pushes into the only space available while the battery sits on top of the spine.  The model takes off from a short roll and climbs out gently, very little trim being needed on the first flight.  The model cruises slowly round the sky looking just great, in my eyes at least, a true summer evening flyer.  I am very pleased with the model and look forward to light winds on Wednesday evenings."

I am sure in Paul's hands that this model will spend a lot of time motor off, or barely ticking over, while Paul soars it.


Chairman Retires

Mike Leonard, the NIMSA Chairman, has had to retire from the Committee on health grounds.

Recently several members of the Committee visited Mike at home to present him with a framed picture and a card

to thank him for his many years of service to NIMSA in particular & model gliding in general.

As webmaster I then received a letter from Mike, which I have reproduced below

"Dear Bill

Please would you post the following on the NIMSA website.

Michael & Sylvia Leonard would like to thank the members of NIMSA for their kind retirement gift

of a beautifully framed fine picture of a Grunau Baby in full flight. This will remind us of the many

years of happy fellowship we have experienced with our NIMSA friends.

New Mags

I've come across some new mags recently. With AMI now bought over by the people who publish RC Model Flyer, RC Model Flyer has done a bit of adjusting. They still produce RC Model Flyer, but are also now producing RC Electric flyer. I boughtthe first issue and was quite impressed. Nice layout, crisp printing, clear pics and the first issue had nice esoarer in it, the FVK Signal.

Slightly different again is RC Pilot.( ) Its online only and subscription, single issue is about £2.50. I bought issue 6. Very good article on slope soaring. It's interesting in that video's can play "in" the page while you're reading. It also doesn't do the open the box, stick a to b etc and then a short flight review. It concentrates on any problems in the build and then an extensive flight review,. Also has in depth articles on businesses and well know flyers. I'll certainly be dipping in and out depending on what's in each issue


Franks' Radian

Frank has been spending money again, (actually I think it's a birthday pressie!).

He now has a Parkzone Radian to use in our electric competitions. Very snazzy it looks too.

In flight at Mallusk on Wed 11th July 2012


Bill's New Phase 5

Bill managed to get a hold of a plan for the classic Chris Foss Phase 5 and produced the model below


  Franks' New Centi-Phase

Frank managed to get hold of a "new" kit of an old favourite, the Chris Foss Centi-Phase. He's built it almost stock apart from a little kick up to the wing tips.

Looks lovely Frank


Myself, Andrew, John Pearson & Richard Boyd were down in the South at the weekend flying with the Island Slope Rebels on Mt      Leinster. Sunday was a bit of a wash out, but Saturday was dry with good winds




Bills' Phase 5 build continues. Wings foam cut and ready for sheeting with balsa. Black line is aileron/flap hinge line



A little birdie tells me that Mr Freeman has a rather nice project to start. He was given a Krick Kit of the Grunau Baby for his birthday.   

He diidn't say what scale, but I know he's looked at the 1/4 scale in the past

Keep us up to date with progress Paul


Going 2.4!

Well it had to happen! I've decided to start the switch to 2.4GHz. Been talking to Fred Marie in Island Slope Rebels who has converted his 4000 with Frsky successfully, so this is the way I'm going to. Here's what £50 gets you from GiantCod

That's a hack module for the TX (telemetry capable), an 8ch telemetry capable RX and a standard 4 channel RX.

Will keep you posted on how it all works

Bill Scott


Two New slope Models from Bill Scott

There is still some building going on in NIMSA. Here are two models from Bill.

One is converted from an electric to a PSS


The other is a model being built from the Classic Phase 5 plan by Chris Foss:

More to follow as the Phase 5 progresses


Frank has finished and flown his WIndrider Fox. He seems to have found a great model at a good price <£50

Hi Bill
Well I went flying at the Bowl this afternoon as I said I would.
Wind was Easterly 10 to 15 mph with lulls that had me scraping for lift a couple of times.
I flew the big Fox with more success this time. It prefers the wind around this level but
I need some instruction on how to roll it though. Loops were OK.
I also need to practice my landings, but fortunately it bounces quite well.
The Micro Fox performed well too (with a new aileron servo. The one in use on Wednesday night was clearly defective and which caused the lunatic behaviour off the bungee). It bounces particularly well!
The Alula was a bit twitchy in the fresh breeze.
Bob and Campbell from 7 Towers were also flying gliders when I got there.
I enjoyed my day out.


Dungannon MFC Two Day Fly in on Slieve Gallion (16-17/04/11)

The first two day fly in held in sometime in Northern Ireland was organised by the Dungannon Club (Richard Boyd) and held on Slieve Gallion Mountain which DMFC have permission to use. The weather co-operated in as much as it didn't rain, but there wasn't a lot of wind either! What little wind there was produced light, fickle lift which had to be worked hard to stay aloft, Wingspan and efficient machines were the order of the day, (apart from Bills' little pink Fiu) This model flew well despite it's colour and surprised quite a few people.


A great event despite the lack of wind, with much chat and eating!

ISR Fly In Mt Leinster 12/13 March 2011

Andrew and Bill, along with Richard Boyd & John Pearson, travelled down to this event in Co Wexford. First day was a little misty & damp, but Sunday was excellent with good lift and sunshine!


(2/4/11): Frank has been busy this Winter

I built the Mini TopSky last Autumn as per the instructions, (more or less) and where I found the biggest problem was fitting in the servos, RX and battery in the tiny pod.
It is not the easiest to trim and I have certainly struggled to launch it straight by hand.
The mini bungee is considerably easier to get a good straight launch with. A problem is the under fin which can catch your hand if you don't move it quickly downwards as you let go. It doesn't fly well if the fin and rudder comes off!
I await with interest to see how other Members get on with their HLGs and hope to learn more about SALs and DLGs.
Fingers crossed that conditions are favourable next week for Strangford Ave.


I fancied a robust slope plane with a bit more wingspan that my Alula and RicoShe, so I sent off for a Windrider Fox from SMC Models at less than £50 just before Christmas. I thought excellent value for money and building is not difficult since it is all EPP. I added some minor wing strengthening as recommended by various online builders. Although there is plenty of room to fit all the gear it is important to plan everything carefully. I have been unable to figure out a 'Simple' way of making the wings detachable so have left them in place as fortunately it will fit into the car in one piece OK.
So far I have only managed a few tentative hand launches so still await that long sought after East wind at the Bowl to see if it performs as predicted .
I have no current plans for a new thermal soarer at present.